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Last Minute Easter Screenings 2024!

Click on the pic to watch the trailer. :)

There’s just over a month left to book a screening of Mary’s Easter story, the award-winning Pierced and Perfected, with your group or congregation for 2024!

The elderly mother of Jesus has moved to Ephesus, and the young Luke visits her to collect her stories for what will become his record of Jesus’ life. As she retells her experiences of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, audience members will journey through her grief, imagine the dynamics of her relationship with her son, and discover along with her the hope that compelled her through the rest of her life.

How would we use this screening?

Pierced and Perfected is a 40 minute short film adapted from a one-woman stage play. It ends with a clear segue into a communion meal. Recommended for ages middle school and up.

It’s perfect to use:

-in place of an Easter Sunday sermon

-as a Good Friday or Saturday evening event

-as a follow up to Easter weekend, shown leading up to Pentecost

-as a Pentecost Sunday event

Purchase of a screening also includes a slide deck of follow up discussion questions designed for small group interaction and/or individual reflection. If used for a large gathering, one or two could be selected to guide conversation amongst the crowd.


Pierced and Perfected has won the following awards and nominations in the past three years:

Best Actress - Winner- Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

                        Nominee- Content Film Festival                 

Best Biblical Film – Branson International Film Festival

Best Project by a First Time Director – Content Film Festival

Best Experimental Short - Great Lakes Christian Film Festival         

Best Faith-Based Short – No Boundaries Film Festival

Best Short Film Nominee- Content Film Festival

Best Editing Nominee- Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

Finalist – Salty Earth Film Festival


Here’s what audience members have had to say about viewing Pierced and Perfected: 

I have been a Christian for 50 years and have only been moved to tears two times in church. This was one of them.

– Mark J. Atlanta, GA

I have no real words for the impact of Pierced and Perfected. Just a heart and soul felt thank you. 

-Dave B. Nashville TN

Thank you for pouring your heart into this powerful display of Mary’s perspective. Heart connections were made that I’ve never made before.

-Jeanie C. M. – Indianapolis, IN


What does it cost?

Screenings cost $200 for gatherings of 150-400; $100 for churches 150 or fewer. (Special rates available for small groups.)

Pierced and Perfected can also be rented or downloaded for individual use at

Please contact me for special rates for a house church or small group or with any questions you may have!

In Him,

Katie Del Rocco

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