Mary's Memoirs
30 min pieces from the perspective of Mary the Mother of Jesus
Mary for Easter:
Pierced and Perfected

Elderly Mary recounts her experiences of the death, burial and resurrection of her son in this dynamic, gritty, and redeeming chapter of her life.


From discovering the role her own fallen humanity played in his death to discovering the new role she received as his follower in his Kingdom, this chapter spans the gamut of emotions - from loss and confusion -

to victory and eager expectation.

How will this show serve my congregation?


Questions it considers:


How did Mary’s realization that Jesus’ death was imminent effect her and her relationship with God?


What questions and sinful attitudes did she struggle with?


How did the reality of the resurrection change the rest of her life?


How do we respond when what we think should be God’s plan does not come to pass?




Features middle aged and elderly Mary


Segues easily into Communion


Perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, and women’s events

Mary for Christmas:
A Star is Born

Relive the story of young Mary

full of faith and questions,

as she prepares for the most exciting and challenging journey of her life -

to give birth to and parent the Son of God - 

as seen through the eyes of her elder self. 


How will this show serve my congregation?


Questions it considers:


What challenges to her faith did Mary face while pregnant with Jesus, and what got her through those challenges?


How is God using the unexpected things, events, and people in our lives to glorify himself and his plan?


Why did God choose Mary; why has he chosen us?


What treasures are we holding onto to secure our faith?


What treasures do we need to pass on to help expand the faith of others?




Features young and elderly Mary, includes original music and singing


Segues easily into Communion


Perfect for Christmas and Mother’s Day