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About Pierced and Perfected

Elderly Mary recounts her experiences of the death, burial, and resurrection of her son in this dynamic, gritty, and redeeming chapter of her life.

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  • 40 min

  • clear segue into a time of communion

  • optional discussion qs

  • perfect for Easter

  • all ages


  • grief and friendship

  • when God's plans hurt

  • finding hope through the resurrection

Pierced and Perfected is a 40 min short film adapted from a one-woman stage play, in which the elderly Mary recounts her experiences of the death, burial, and resurrection of her eldest son to the listening Luke, who is taking down her stories for the gospel he hasn’t yet written. When you watch this piece you’ll journey back with Mary to the night after the cross, witnessing her struggle with grief and her need for friends. You’ll see her embrace Jesus when he returns in the flesh and flood him with the deep questions, apologies, and desires that have been brewing inside her. You’ll probe into what her life might have looked like during his ministry and the challenge she likely faced to accept her own need for his redeeming work on the cross. You’ll witness Mary share her almost too-good-to-believe story with an old friend, and you’ll be inspired to remember and share your own. Most importantly, along with Mary, you’ll rediscover the hope that we have in Christ - a hope worth dying, sharing, and waiting for.

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Mary's Memoirs
30-40 min pieces from the perspective of
Mary the Mother of Jesus
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For Easter
For Christmas
About Mary - A Star is Born

Relive the story of young Mary, full of faith and questions, as she prepares for the most exciting and challenging journey of her life - to give birth to and parent the Son of God - as seen through the eyes of her elder self. 


  • 30 min

  • segue into a time of communion

  • perfect for advent season

  • all ages


  • faithfulness in adversity

  • the humility of God

  • the importance of treasuring moments

  • finding our role 

What people say:
"I loved how motherly Mary was - the little moments with Jesus - made it real. "

Pierced and Perfected Interactive


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