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A sixteen year old girl, sold as a bedwarmer to a dying king, finds home and hope with the colorful women of his house. 

What people say...

Thank you for helping to bridge the gap between these ancient women of faith and us today. It's so easy to forget that they were so much like us and we like them. 

Sarah McClain

Antioch, TN

The Story

 King David’s last concubine, struggles to come to grips with her new palace laundry duties and suspected lifelong virginity. Seeking guidance in the stories of the women in David’s life – from the famous Bathsheba and wise Abigail to the lesser-known Rizpah and others – Abishag grows in her understanding of the king and his God,  while riding the adolescent roller coaster of crushes, homesickness, and the desire for independence. Bringing to life the themes of grace and hope available through God’s promises, this show has something for everyone!

Last Nights of the King works in any space- from a hotel ballroom to a theatre with all the bells and whistles. 

Run time: 70 min (7 women), 80 min (9 women),

80-90 min with suggested talk-back afterward

Best suited for ages teen and up.

How to use 

Last Nights of the King 


Here are a few ideas:

✓ Special Service for the whole congregation

✓ Sunday service as culmination of a weekend leadership workshop

✓ Weekend night event for singles' or college ministry conferences

✓ Ticketed evening performance

✓ Women's event with pre or post-show reception and talk back 

✓ Women's event with guest breakfast and visiting

✓ Intimate Black Box Performance 

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