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stage & screen stories for entertainment and hope 

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How can one person become so many different persons in a single play — and so convincingly? Although few actors could pull this off, Del Rocco does so convincingly. Mental acuity, vocal clarity, and visual pleasantness combine nicely in this talented thespian. More important, we experience the Word of God coming to life, for Katie Del Rocco doesn’t stand in the way. Consistently gracious, she subordinates herself to the Lord and his message.  And so we hear not her, but Him.


—  Douglas Jacoby, International Bible Teacher, Scholar, Author

Shows & Screenings:
We don't always remember sermons...even great ones,
but good performances can stay with us for years.
When you book a story for your group, you're giving them
Bible study, entertainment, and inspiration all in one.

Let's talk!

Click the phone to let me know what kind of event you have in mind. From a casual gathering to a big hoopla- it's all possible.

Shows can include some or all of the following to help audiences 
dive deeper after the show:


Set the date + price
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Price is determined by your budget, group size, show choice, and timeline. 


Screenings start at $200.*

Live shows start at $1500.*

Half upfront, half at show

*Some exceptions apply.

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Sort out the details

Connect this detail person to your detail person(s), and we'll make sure all the stuffs-

from lights to set- are set!

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Enjoy the show!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

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  • program study guides

  • small group discussion questions

  • large group conversation starters

  • "talk-back" interview

  • testimonial sharing

  • Sunday services

  • leadership workshops

  • teen and singles' events

  • conferences

  • class-ender celebrations

  • holiday services

  • women's events

  • bring-your-neighbor days

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Scripts 'n' Such

Have a good idea?
Commission me to write it!
Or - we can write together. 

Need something else?
I also provide:

teen acting workshops
editing & proofreading
costume design


Custom Shows/ Collabs/etc...

Let's Make Stories!

Here to spread hope through story.
Hi, I'm Katie -

Don't worry...

I'm not always as serious as I look in this headshot. ;)

I'm an apprentice of Jesus and wife to a wonderful engineer. 


I act in front of the mirror, love playing piano, enjoy everything nerdy, and very rarely follow recipes exactly. I frequently burst into song and dance, though the jury's out on how well I do the latter. 

I believe storytelling is not only an art and a craft, but a gift and responsibility to inspire, challenge, and give hope.

So I offer you my stories in word, performance, song, and design, and I look forward to helping create yours.

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