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Rehearsal Pictures- Pierced and Perfected Interactive

Here are few selections from a mid-March rehearsal of Pierced and Perfected- Interactive! All those who participated provided the testimonials that follow. Many thanks to my friend, KE for providing these snaps!

Volunteer Luke transcribing Mary's stories.

Mary's bad dream about the crucifixion- Confronting Caiaphas the the priests.

The Sadducees and the Crowd holding Mary back from reaching Jesus.

The women comforting Mary after her dream.

Me realizing Caiaphas was holding me back so strongly I couldn't move forward and had to ask him to loosen his grip.

Seeing Jesus resurrected.

Washing her son's feet.

Audience commments:

"It was really, really, fun...I mean because it was really funny at parts. I loved the interactions. I'm definitely not an onstage person so there was no way I'd be able to participate, but I was really impacted by Mary's perspective. I've never thought about how deep and full of pain she was. It seems like pain was a consistent thing throughout her life...having Jesus as a son and then not being able to be around him as much when he was traveling... It was nothing like I've ever seen before."

"You and [the volunteer who played Jesus] made Jesus feel real. It made me believe that you were his mother and that he was a son. It made him more real to me."

"When we all shouted 'Crucify,' I was struck at my part in the story. That was really powerful."

"It was a lot of fun. There's so much that laughter can do for one person, let alone many all being able to laugh together. Not that we only laughed but that there were moments of different emotions- be it happy, sad, contemplative, or anything in between all those things."

"I personally connected with Mary owning the "knot" of her own life. I have a knot, a mess of my own right now, so it was great to be reminded that God is working through that to make something beautiful out of it."

"I LOVED the interactive component! It made me feel more like I was in the story. The improvised moments were really fun."

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