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Joyful Justice - A Resource List

June's highlight resources helping me grow in my understanding of and living out of Justice



FASCINATING. Sobering, but not presented in the heavy-downer town I was expecting, a MUST LISTEN!

A book about recapturing the multi-ethnic heart of Jesus' message delivered in audio form on the podcast with sharing by the author.

The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast - This has been my background writing track. :)


All Things to All People- Michael Burns - The book version!

All the Feels- Elizabeth Laing Thompson, my amazing writer-artist-wife-mom role model


#1 Just Mercy- ugh, so good. And also inspiring. Based on true story of a young attorney fighting for justice for death row inmates in Alabama

#2 I Am Not Your Negro- Documentary about James Baldwin and the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement- connecting to today. Thought provoking, unsettling, stirring.

Explainer Videos

Justice- This one is a MUST WATCH!

Lessons from Biblical Perspective

God is Just- Sam Powell (Start at min 31:50)

Spiritual Weapons- Ben Barnett (Start at min 18:50)

Lion and the Lamb-Michael Burns (Start at min. 26)

Games!- Because laughter is good.

Exercise!- Cause we've been at home...a lot...

This white girl has always wanted to legit dance to African drums without completely embarrassing herself. Don't know if I'm there yet, but I've had some fun with these beautiful ladies this week- and, trust me, they will work you!

And last, but definitely not least...Some images that have been meaningful to me this month:

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