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A reMarkable new tool

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Just have to say...I've never been stoked about tech, but I nearly cried when I saw the promo for the paper-like tablet, the reMarkable, and now I can't rave about it enough. It's definitely become my new favorite tool, so you if you are a creative, a paper person, a writer, or have piles of papers and ideas and notes and what-nots littering every surface of your house, then... maybe it's for you, too.

I'm working on a new project to share with all of you- a seven chapter devotional about the characters of Last Nights of the King to accompany the play, and you betcha, all the notes/scribblings/draftings/etc for it are now happening on this lovely tablet.

I look forward to sharing the results of the writing with you as the summer progresses, but for now- here's my little unboxing video for you to enjoy.

Seriously, if you're a paper person, consider this tablet. It's built for productivity- so no access to social media- no backlight to make your eyes sore, PDF importing capability, and lots of fun pen widths if you love to letter or draw- just to name a few of the great things about it.

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