Hi! I'm Katie, an artist in search of sharing the joy of the Bible through fun and inspiring stories.

I was raised by a super artsy family and am married to a wonderfully supportive, understanding, and creative engineer. I was often a lonely kid, who colored on the carpet with lipstick and was first pick for Bible trivia. Making up songs at the end of the driveway under the stars was my favorite pastime. My awkward phase was incredibly long and, in some ways, I don’t think I’ll ever fully grow out of it. 

I act in front of the mirror, crave playing piano, enjoy everything nerdy, and very rarely follow recipes exactly. I almost always wish I could drop everything and dance to African drums. I believe storytelling is not only an art and a craft, but a gift and responsibility to inspire, challenge, and give hope. So I offer you my stories in word, performance, song, and design, and I look forward to helping create yours.